Sewage solutions for emerging scenarios

Decentralized sewage treatment makes it possible to purify the sewage in emerging scenarios on the spot without the restriction of time and place.

Pain points in sewage treatment in emerging scenarios


Effluent volume and water quality are constantly changing.


Emerging scenarios are far away from city infrastructure and it's hard to build pipe networks, so it's hard for them to be managed by municipal admin.


High requirements for working conditions and great challenges for low-temperature or high-temperature microbial system.


Small space, movable, seasonal discharge, offensive smell, high requirement for water quality.

Decentralized sewage treatment

Effective and feasible schemes for wastewater treatment in emerging scenarios

In the face of many scattered and mobile sewage-generating scenarios, sewage should be actively collected and treated on the spot at the smallest possible unit at the sources such as a mobile toilet, a cargo ship, and then reused or discharged on the spot after reaching the standard. In combination with the low-cost remote supervision system - Phoenest O&M system, small and micro sites can be unattended and intelligently monitored, which greatly reduces O&M costs.

  • collect sewage on the spot

  • treat sewage on the spot

  • No need to attend the equipment

  • intelligent monitoring

  • Lower O&M costs

Advantages of decentralized sewage treatment in emerging scenarios

IFAS-Max process+module carrier solves problems of biological stability of small sewage treatment equipment, which is not limited by region, population and scenarios.


On-site sewage treatment can be realized wherever there are people.


You can enjoy a relaxed and comfortable dining, toilet and bath environment in every scenario.


Standardized complete sets of equipment, minimized construction volume, convenient remote control, fast and sustainable.


Typical application scenarios of decentralized sewage treatment in emerging scenarios

  • Port Terminal

  • Island

  • Sea Ranch

  • Cargo Ship

  • New Hotel

  • Border Post