Red-Bee System

Based on cloud technology, combined with WebGIS, AI and modular model analysis, the Red-Bee system evaluates the adaptability of different wastewater treatment methods in the selected areas, evaluates the economic benefits and the whole life cycle of construction, operation and uninstallment stages, and establishes AI-assisted planning of wastewater treatment systems, to achieve the functional effects of reducing the cost of exploration and quickly obtaining the feasibility study report.


Scientific evaluation of construction methods

Based on artificial intelligence algorithms and customized multi-dimensional parameters, the Phoenest system intelligently clarifies the boundaries between centralized mode and decentralized mode of sewage treatment, and recommends the optimal treatment method.

Feasibility study report with one click

Say goodbye to high consulting costs, report delays and plagiarism. Input customized information, and the expert system can immediately output a complete evaluation report.

Accounting lifecycle cost

Intelligently selects sewage treatment technology, processes, energy consumption and operation methods; intelligently calculate emission reduction contribution and consumption, so that every penny can be spent clearly.

Remote precise survey

Solves the problems of field surveys, such as time-consuming and labor-intensive work, biased data, dependence on technical personnel and various human factors, easily making remote survey and intelligent analysis a reality.


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