Remote Terminal Control Unit

Forigin's RTU is an intelligent monitoring system used for sewage treatment equipment. It can remotely monitor various equipment indicators and supports unattended operations. Support 4-way DO (output), 4-way AI (analog input), 2-way DI (digital input), 1-way temperature sensing, and network IO equipment based on 4G, RS485 and Bluetooth.

Application Scope:

Intelligent monitoring of sewage treatment equipment


Remote monitoring and unattended operations

Supports both Bluetooth and Internet control. Internet control can support remote monitoring of equipment without the presence of O&M personnel, and greatly reduce maintenance frequency. Bluetooth control is not limited by network signal conditions, and is applicable to equipment debugging in areas with poor network signal.

Timed control

After the RTU is restarted or re-powered, the output terminal can continue to run according to set timers, which can be modified and saved remotely. The timer has two modes: timed start and intermittent start, which are applicable to different scenarios.

Exclusive R&D

With multiple core technologies, it can carry multi-parameter monitoring and enhance signal.


Part of Platform Functions