Decentralized Renewable Energy Supply Systems

The fully decentralized wind-solar complementary energy supply system uses wind and solar energy to generate electricity, uses wind turbines and solar panels to generate AC power, converts it into DC power through the controller, and stores the electric energy in the battery pack. When users need to use electricity, the battery connects the inverter to convert DC power into stable AC power, and transmits it to sewage treatment equipment through the transmission line, providing low-cost and highly reliable power supply for inconvenient areas.

Application Scope:

Suitable for areas with inconvenient power supply.

Suitable for people who are sensitive to electricity fees when equipment operates.

Suitable for different industries and fields.


Unaffected by season, weather and location; providing independent power supply independent of power grid.


Makes full use of natural resources, enpowering low-carbon strategies, intelligent monitoring of electricity and operating conditions, and designed in a green and flexible way.


The system is highly stable and reliable. In addition to generating power for equipment, it can also meet the basic household power demand, saving energy and leading a green life.


Share management personnel, technical personnel and power-distributing equipment, effectively improving labor efficiency, reducing project costs and O&M costs.


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