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Forigin Decentralized Water Treatment Co.Ltd.

Forigin provides decentralized wastewater treatment solutions (DEWATS) powered by cutting-edge microbioreactor technology. Our mission: to lead the world in the transition to decentralized wastewater treatment.

Founded in the Maker Institute CAS, Forigin’s world-class research team has combined 50+ proprietary technologies in biology, information, and materials science into a cutting-edge water treatment system.

The Forigin system achieved game-changing breakthroughs in microbioreactor technology, vastly improving the robustness and stability of microbe-based water treatment and sludge management systems. Combined with real-time digital monitoring systems built with AI and IoT, F-origin's wastewater treatment solutions are intelligently managed, easily deployable, and low-cost to maintain. Every day, we are building the decentralized future of wastewater treatment through digitalization, unitization, and standardization. We invite you to join us on this journey!

Forigin Decentralized Water Treatment Co.Ltd.

Core Concept

Intelligent solution for decentralized wastewater treatment

Intelligent solution for decentralized wastewater treatment

Decentralized wastewater treatment refers to a sewage treatment method that actively conducts on-site treatment in the smallest unit of sewage-generating source in residential areas with low-to-medium population density as much as possible, such as in individual farmers, farmhouses, homestays, villa areas, public toilets, schools, hospitals, hotels, residential areas, parks, villages in cities, temporary construction sites, military camps, border posts, marine pastures.

  • Investment is cost-effective. Investment is cost-effective.
  • Construction cycle is short and flexible. Construction cycle is short and flexible.
  • Generate benefits locally Generate benefits locally
  • Green and low-carbon Green and low-carbon

Development History



  • Forigin was founded.
  • "The Most Valuable Investment Project Award" of the 2015 Science and Technology Talent Investment and Financing Training Camp of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Guangdong Province "Star of Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Enterprise


  • Invited to follow national leaders to Peru to attend the 2016 APEC Summit and cooperated with multiple countries
  • Panda-Box was successfully ran in the trial test.Panda-Box


  • Approved as a national high-tech enterprise
  • Bee-Box was successfully ran in the trial test, and the first pilot zero-emission park based on Bee-box was launched.Bee-Box


  • The company's chief scientist Chuanghak Lee was approved as an outstanding talent in Shenzhen.
  • Selected in the Shenzhen Water Pollution Prevention and Control Technical Guidance Catalogue


  • Certified as China Environmental Protection Product


  • The first demonstration county of decentralized wastewater treatment mode in China was launched.
  • Selected into the Shenzhen 2020 Green Technology Promotion Catalogue
  • Guangdong Province "Abiding by Contracts and Valuing Credit" Enterprise


  • Reveived an exclusive interview with People's Daily about the Intelligent solution for decentralized wastewater treatment.
  • Got first prize in the finals of the First "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Competition of the European and American Students Association

Managing Team

Wang WenzhaoCEO

Doctor of Utsunomiya University, Japan
Postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University
Deputy Secretary General of the International Alliance for Ecological Development in China
Director of Shenzhen Euro American Homecoming Association
Member of the "Technology CEO Special Training Camp" of the Ministry of Science and Technology
Proponent and promoter of the concept of decentralized wastewater treatment
First Prize of APEC Youth Innovator Competition in ChinaAPEC
International Maker Leader in the National Mass Entrepreneurship Week
The "backbone" of water environment in villages and towns
"Innovation Leader of the Year" of Shenzhen Innovation List
First Prize in the National Finals of the First "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Competition of the European and American Students Association

Xiong WeiCOO

Former market leader of Johnson Controls in Shenzhen (Fortune 500)
Over 10 years of experience in process control and channel construction 10
Specializing in brand building and channel promotion

Zhang XinbaoChief Engineer

13 years of environmental protection experience
Led and participated in the design, implementation, and operation and maintenance of treatment stations for over 1000 sewage projects.
Bachelor of Water Supply and Drainage Engineering, North China University of Water Resources and Hydropower

Bi ZhaoshunCTO

Master's degree from the University of Liverpool, UK
Postdoctoral fellow, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Assistant Research Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
Engaged in research and development of water quality analysis technology for more than ten years
Specializing in applying Sensor-Internet of Things in environmental detection/monitoring technology

Zhang YuzhiCMO

Former Head of Fire Prevention Department of SK Chemical Research Institute of Japan in China
Responsible for fire prevention marketing and channel construction in China
15 years of marketing experience in the engineering industry
Played a leading role in completing more than 50 landmark projects such as super high-rise buildings, airports, exhibitions, etc
Special Contribution Award for Large Projects at SK Japan Headquarters

Patent Certificates

  • Patent Certificates
  • Utility model + appearance patent
  • Software copyright

Honors and Qualifications

Enterprise Culture

  • Corporate mission

    Lead the world into a new era of decentralized wastewater treatment

  • Business philosophy

    Integrity, responsibility, innovation, symbiosis

  • Corporate vision

    Better water, Better life
  • Corporate Positioning

    Global perspective, historical depth, local roots

    Integrate international cutting-edge technology, respond to national strategic needs, and serve the main battlefield of circular economy

    A global pioneer in decentralized wastewater treatment

  • Core values

    Stay hungry, Stay foolish,
    Empower others, Be a better you

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Forigin Decentralized Water Treatment Co.Ltd.

  • Address: 11/F, Block A, Building 8, Shenzhen International Innovation Valley, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
  • Tel.: 0755-33162009
  • Product Hotline: 0755-86591097
  • Customer Service Hotline: 4000299959
  • Email Address: market@fairylands.com.cn
  • Office Hour: 8:30 - 18:00 Monday to Friday
  • Bus Routes: take Bus 122, B667, M109, M203, M234, M586 to Shigu Garden Bus Station
  • Metro Routes: Exit A of Xili Station (Line 7); Exit A of Liuxiandong Station of Line 5 (Line 7)
  • Zhengzhou Branch

    Henan Ruinai Environmental Technology Co., Ltd

    Address: 10th Floor, Building 11, Henan University Science Park (East Zone), High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province
    Contacts: Mr. Li
    Tel.: 13373945270

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    Forigin Environmental Protection Technology (Shaoguan) Co., Ltd

    Address: Room 318, Building D, Youth Innovation Center, Wujiang Science and Technology Innovation Park, No.29 Jianshe Road, Wujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province
    Contacts: Mr. Gan
    Tel.: 13312999862

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